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PUBCO 1004

Sale Price: $365,000

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Name of Corporation: P1004

State of Incorporation: Delaware

S-1 registration became effective: 10-20-2017

Number of shares outstanding: 10,204,000

Number of shares registered: 2,204,000 of which 995,000 are affiliate shares

Number of authorized shares: 50,000,000 Common Stock; 5,000,000 Preferred Stock

Reporting status: Current 

Symbol: PUBCO 1004

DTC eligible 

Number of shareholders: 37

Delivery: 99.95%

PUBCO 1020

Sale Price: $375,000​

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Name of Corporation and Symbol: P1020
State of Incorporation: Nevada

Date of Incorporation:

Shell or Non-Shell Non-Shell
Number of Shares Authorized: 75,000,000 Common.  $0.001

Number of Shares Outstanding: 7,120,000
Number of Restricted Shares: 5,000,000
Free Trading shares:  2,120,000
Number of Shareholders: 28
Transfer agent  
Exchange: Current Pink
SIC – Industry Classification 7819-Services allied to motion pictures
Regulatory filings current: Yes
Financials Current: Yes
Fiscal Year End: 6/30
Is corporation in good standing: Yes
Current in state and federal tax filings: Yes
Is there any present or pending litigation: None
DTC eligible Yes

PUBCO 1022

Sale Price : $475,000

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Name of Corporation and Symbol:P 1022
State of Incorporation:Nevada

Date of Incorporation:

Shell or Non-ShellNon-Shell
Number of Shares Authorized:100,000,000 Common. $0.0001
20,000,000  Preferred.   $0.0001
Number of Shares Outstanding:14,150,000 Common
0 Preferred
Number of Restricted Shares:10,000,000
Free Trading shares: 4,150,000
Number of Shareholders:29
Transfer agent 
Exchange:Current Pink
SIC – Industry ClassificationHome healthcare services
Regulatory filings current:Yes
Financials Current:Yes
Fiscal Year End:11/30
Is corporation in good standing:Yes
Current in state and federal tax filings:Yes
Is there any present or pending litigation:None
DTC eligibleYes