Pink Non-Reporting

PUBCO 1002

Sale Price : $99,000

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Name of Corporation: P1002

State of Inc.: New York

Date of Inc.: February 2, 2002

Listed as shell: No

Common Authorized: 2,000,000,000 par value $.0001

Common I & O: 514,572,087

Restricted 19,495,075

Float 14,117,354

Shareholders 232

Preferred A authorized: 10,000,000 par value $.001 issued at outstanding 1,000

Carries voting power equal to 51 percent of the total voting power of all classes of stock

Options 0

In good Standing: Yes

DTC Eligible: Yes


Financials Current: no only Thru 12/31/2018

Financials in good standing: Yes

March 31 year end

Taxes Due: No

Legal Issues: No

Assets: 258,167

Liabilities: 1,994,289   Convertible Debt 850,000 (debt schedule available)

All books and records: Yes

15c211 filed: Yes

SEC Non-reporting: Pinks alternatively reporting

Note: Operating Business will be spun out at close. 

PUBCO 1017

Sale Price : Equity Deal

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State of Incorporation:Delaware

Fiscal Year:December 31

Listing:OTC (Other)

Symbol: PUBCO P1017

CUSIP:98427L 10 2519294 10 2

Shares Authorized:Common– par value $.0001—80,000,000

Preferred—par value $.0001—20,000,000

Shares Issued and Outstanding:5,199,000

Shares Owned by FHCM/

La Pergola:5,120,000 (98.5%)

Shares in Float:79,000

Went Public:SB-2—Effective 10/6/2006

Shareholder Loans:$894,245 (including accrued interest) at June 30, 2019  

Record Holders:Approximately 45 plus CEDE beneficial holders

Officer/Director:Thomas W. Colligan—President, Secretary, Treasurer, CEO, CFO and sole Director

5528 Westcott Circle

Frederick Maryland 21703 

Tel:(301) 838-5635


Company Counsel:Robert Diener

41 Ulua Place

Haiku, HI 96078

Tel:(808) 573-6163