PUBCOxchange is the only marketplace of its kind in which buyers and sellers of public companies (NASDAQ listed, OTCQB, pink sheets) can access the greatest number of and highest quality public companies available. Our experts can assist in the purchase or sale of a “PUBCO” to meet your exact needs efficiently, economically and with the highest degree of professionalism.
PUBCOxchange – the only resource you will ever need.
PUBCOxchange is a proprietary platform operated by Trends Mergers & Acquisitions. LLC.
Trends Mergers & Acquisitions is an Advisory and Consulting Firm which pilots business entities seeking to enter the public markets. Year to date, we have assisted our clients in achieving over $2 billion in newly realized market cap.
We counsel our clients on every step in the going-public process: strategic planning, capitalization structure, the right accounting/auditing firms, proper investor relations programs, capital raising and investment banking matters.
Trends Mergers & Acquisitions has been involved in over 200 reverse merger transactions, providing M & A services, along with capital raising capabilities to companies in the United States and internationally. With direct links to Europe, Asia, and North and South America Trends serves as a vehicle to access capital markets around the globe.